Gagandeep Singh
Staff Software Engineer
location_on New Delhi, India
work LocoNav, Gurgaon, India
assignment_ind Staff Engineer
Monolith to Microservices
Cloud Cost Optimization
Unix (Ubuntu)
API Design
Docker & compose
Docker & compose
Team/Sprint Management
Modular code
Release automation
UI/UX & Product Sense
Kubernetes & helm
  • work

    Staff Engineer

    BT TechLabs Pvt Ltd Gurgaon, India 1st Dec 2020 - Present

    • Involved in discussing overall global architecture of logistics based Saas Product.
    • Helped team to build micro-services by contributing to style guide and creating many gems.
    • Took the first microservice out of a 6+ year old monolith, reducing a decent load from database.
    • Built interfaces and assisted other teams to entangle the remaining monolith app.
    • Handed over fastag product to junior team members and removed my dependency.
    • Worked on reducing cloud spend by analyzing usage of servers and using other methods.
    • Defined git branching and release strategy for a monolith that is worked upon by 40+ devs. Later implemented end to end release automation
    • Collaborated with other teams as needed, and helped them adopting tooling built by us.
    • Optimized API consumption from frontend, added caching on some client-facing APIs bringing visible impact to database and dependent services.
    • Lead various other initiatives like removing huge chunks of dead code, managing minor/major database upgrades, docker builds speedup, test suite speedup, handling hot-fix and outage situations and managing overall website uptime.
    • Building role and permissions-based permission user architecture.
    • Scaling fastag backend to 2Cr worth daily txn.
    • Scaling the team: involved in hiring for Engineers/Sr. Engineers/EMs and Devops.
    • Enabling new experienced engineers to onboard on products.
    • Working on engineering excellence side - improving development process, breaking monolith into services, improving test coverage, etc.

  • work

    Tech Lead

    BT TechLabs Pvt Ltd Gurgaon, India 5th Feb 2019 - 30 Nov 2020

    • Working to move from a stringent, multiple-entity based, convoluted user architecture to a simple, role-based architecture.
    • Simplified how the main entity of system (vehicle) is accessed by various components.
    • Integrated Yesbank fastags and scaled to a daily transaction of 62L in about a year.
    • Integrated Mobikwik Payment Gateway and scaled to a monthly transaction of 55L in the first month.
    • Worked on moving current email provider to SES without impacting existing mailers. Also implemented a generic Email/SMS blocking functionality over entire app layer.
    • Single handedly implemented multi-lingual, extensible push notifications backend architecture for mobile applications.
    • Decoupled a webhook based service from a monolith website to ensure no loss of data during downtimes/migrations.
    • Handling communications with different internal and external product teams independently.
    • Constantly working to deprecate and remove old (dead) code without affecting running functionalities.

  • work

    Senior Software Developer

    BT TechLabs Pvt Ltd Gurgaon, India 5th Feb 2018 - 4th Feb 2019

    • Wrote entire scalable backend for Android app (Rails, Grape). This app served > 80% of entire traffic.
    • Worked as a devops too - Helped in scale infra as our userbase grew. Launching ALBs, choosing correct AWS instace type based on services, adding private hosted zones, using AWS lambda functions for automation, setting up jenkins, wrote bash scripts for setting up servers when autoscaled, setting up VPCs, VPC peering, public/private subnets, etc.
    • Helped team to scale things - launching ALBs, choosing correct AWS instace type based on services launched.
    • Did setup for app analytics using Ahoy. Moved this to separately hosted database when main DB became large in size.
    • Did various integrations - Equitas, YesBank Fastags.
    • Worked with team in building and releasing new user interface. Apart from skin, the backend for the same was also optimized.
    • Resolved endless minor / major bugs in the application.

  • work

    Senior Software Developer

    JTG E-Business Software Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon, India
    Uptime Cloud Monitor Oct 2016 to 2nd Feb 2018

    • Added AWS lambda integrations (Node JS) to make AWS infrastructure more robust.
    • Optimized existing infrastructure which led to huge cost savings.
    • Added new features and fixed bugs in native android application of the product.
    • Handled backlog cleanup, poker planning call, diving work among team members, etc.
    • Managing a team of 4 and supervising work of 2 team members.
    • Integrated Microsoft Azure cloud monitoring with the product and moved entire infrastructure to VPC.
    • Working on renewal of AWS EC2 reseravations, further optimizations in infra, supervising work of shadow devs.
    • Helped moving from Sendgrid to Amazon SES for sending mails and ensured minimum bounce percentage.

    Gethealthy Nov 2017 - Dec 2017

    • The product was based on Magento 2 framework (PHP) and requirement was to integrate Hubspot with the product to push doctor and patient information to hubspot. Apart from basic information, an Email template was also pushed which was used by marketing team to send promotional mails to end users. I investigated magento event observers and wrote the entire integration in PHP.

    Mentorcloud Dec 2017 to 2nd Feb 2018

    • Did Jenkins setup (AWS EC2), added required plugins, configured SES, added Node integrations, created jobs for deploying Angular code to S3 and Django code to respective environments (Dev, Stage and Prod).
    • Spinned up dev environment (using staging environment), did VPC peering for the same , created security groups, required subnets, etc.

  • work

    Software Developer

    JTG E-Business Software Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon, India
    Uptime Cloud MonitorJun 2015 to Oct 2016

    • Worked primarily with Ruby on Rails and a good mix of other technologies as well.
    • Improved product – fixed various complex bugs and refactored existing code.
    • Documentated various crucial subsystems and did critical switchovers in production.
    • Debugged server issues and derived useful stats from system / access logs.
    • Protected redis from getting hacked on linode servers.
    • Integrated new monitoring features within the existing application.
    • Handled sprints, deployments, client communication and daily standups.

  • school

    Graduated from GGSIPU, Delhi

    B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringGTBIT
    Student August 2011 - June 2015

    • Primarily worked in Technical Society of GTBIT (TSG) and handled over 35 technical events during college fest (GATES).